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Sonia Saini Executive Coach

Born with an intrinsic fascination about what makes people tick, my life journey fueled that curiosity and shaped me into who I am. Having spent my early life in Asia, the last two decades in the US, and travelled over 25+ countries, I stand today as a global citizen. My experiences with diverse cultures tickled me to open my mind and awakened my sensitivity. 

My 15+ years of professional experience covered various jobs from being a popular Radio Jockey to a Senior Manager at a Big-4 consulting firm. Professional growth aside, my 20+ years of marriage continues to be a fascinating journey of learnings and realizations. And taking it a notch up is raising my two boys who constantly challenge my thinking and creativity with their curious bold questions and explorations.

In reflection, each role, including being a mom, required me to establish trusted relationships at a profound level. My diverse experiences fine-tuned me as an avid listener, picking up subtle verbal and non-verbal cues. I discovered that I was able to connect deeply with people across ages, cultures, gender, and professions. When I finally decided to strike out on my own, life coaching seemed to be the natural way to leverage my innate strengths and help people discover their strengths. So, like everything I do, I researched, trained, practiced - and here I am!

Tickle Your Mind™ transformational coaching allows you to invest time in yourself under the guidance of an expert coach. It was founded on the principles that reflect the very core of my beliefs: 


Clarity: “Believe - Yourself”

I aspire to keep the torch of hope alive within you; empowering you to believe in yourself, and achieve Clarity by realizing your inner wisdom.

Confidence: “Power - Inside out!”

Each of us has a treasure of untapped knowledge, experiences, and wisdom that resides within us. My mission is to help you recognize and gain Confidence as you unlock this power inside you.

Conquer: “You - Can”

With humility, sensitivity, respect, integrity, and no judgments, I will Tickle Your Mind every session and enable you to Conquer your challenges and transform into the person you hope to be.

I invite you to try Tickle Your Mind to commence your journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

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