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Influential Communications

Commincation Coaching Tickle Your Mind

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”- Stephen Covey

Communication is fundamental to the success of relationships in personal and professional lives. Across all ages and cultures, how we convey an idea is perhaps more important than what we are conveying. With globalization, business has become more fluid across geographies and being sensitive to intercultural communications is imperative. 


Effective communication empowers us to control how our message is received.  


At Tickle your Mind, we work with you to first pause and discover your natural style and trigger points, enhancing your self-awareness of how your messages are being perceived. Together, we will analyze where you need to refine your communication style, and gain insights on how to make it a habit. 


Enhancing your influential communication skills will directly impact your relationships, bring about successful outcomes, and reduce stress in your life.

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