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Aspiring Achievers

Young Adult Coaching Tickle Your Mind

Great Leaders don’t set out to be a leader...they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role- Always about the goal. “Lisa Haisha”

Understanding life’s realities as a young adult can be daunting, not to mention confusing and overwhelming. Endeavoring how to navigate through them, be it your professional life or your personal relationships, getting clarity about yourself is the key to empowering your growth and evolution. 


Dealing with tight deadlines, organizing your day better, understanding how to get to a work-life balance, shifting yourself from an unresourceful state to a productive state, mastering effective communications, resume clean-ups, and preparing for job interviews. If you are ready, we are here to partner with you to propel you towards your vision. Tickle Your Mind has the entire gamut covered for you. 

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