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“Brand yourself, before others brand you" - Ira Kalb

Growth is imperative to our self-satisfaction and progress in life. As you consider a job change or a shift in profession, it is important to position yourself effectively. Presenting a well-written resume is critical for getting past the initial rounds. More details in an executive resume does not make it a better one. 


Tickle Your Mind has developed a process of evaluating resumes. This process has evolved over 15+ years of experience in reviewing resumes and interviewing individuals across all geographies. We will help you identify your key strengths and talents, highlight relevant work experience, and refine your resume to best represent you. 


Made it to the interview round? Congratulations!! Roll up your sleeves with Tickle Your Mind, to scrutinize the responsibilities and expectations of the job, understand the real ask behind the job interview questions, and gain insights on how best to showcase yourself. We will also challenge you to evaluate your motivation in pursuing the job. Is this job truly suited for you, or are you bedazzled by it?


At the end of the day, your success depends on finding a job you enjoy where you also thrive, excel, and flourish!

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