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When I got that anonymous quote on one of my social media accounts, it automatically transported me to a zen mode with meditation music playing in the background.. Wow! How effective in itself!

Dramatic effects aside, the quote so beautifully captures the reality of what we are facing today. Social distancing and stay at home orders are telling us to, well, not go outside. And although under normal circumstances, we would be fine not going out of the house unless needed, when a mandate is placed, it feels as if someone is cutting off our oxygen supply. We feel chained and locked.

Switch gears and read the second half of the meme...Go Inside...What an amazing time to take a pause and reflect on yourself. Connect with your bodies, thoughts and feelings. Take the time to acknowledge all that you have been feeling but didn’t have time before to process and realize. Where are you in your life? Are you happy? Are you content? If yes, why and how do you keep it that way and spread it to others? If not, why not, let’s figure it out.. Write down your thoughts and feelings, or talk to someone close to help clear your mind. Emptying the space in your mind will enable more creativity to thrive and grow. Take the time to go walking or jogging each day. To connect with nature and feel alive, allow yourself to leave your hectic schedules on the side and enjoy the moment for what it is. Do it with your loved ones at home or by yourself. Find that inner connection, it will heal you and help you get through this tough time.

What next?

Think of people and things that are important in life. Create a list of folks you were close to and lost touch with, whatever reason - too busy, they moved away, had a silly falling out, had a serious falling out. Call them, Facetime them if you can reconnect. Life is too short to live with grievances and issues that are long gone in the past.

Go Marie Kondo. I myself have taken excuse making to a new level of creativity just to avoid opening up the boxes sitting in the garage for over a year. Maybe it’s time to stop and just clean up, organize, and help create more space around yourself. It’s a great way to release energy and I heard it can be therapeutic too!

Ah, here’s one which will speak to you for sure! Go through your credit card and other bills and see what services you don't need anymore and what you are overpaying for. Honestly, how many of us are paying for things we don’t even need or use. This is a good time to review and save money. The hour of the need has arrived and this exercise will serve you well to survive.

Go Inside can mean so many different things to different people. Find what resonates with you. Identify the root causes of what’s stopping you from leading the kind of life you dream of. Stop making it a prophecy of, “Someday I will”. Make that someday today. Let’s figure out the baby steps to reach your dream… if it sounds too daunting to do it by yourself, give me a call (ha! couldn’t resist sliding that in)! Tickle Your Mind, there is so much in there just waiting to surface and help you flourish!

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