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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

When we conceived the idea of Tickle Your Mind, we quickly realized that there are many misconceptions and myths about coaching. Here are the top 5 myths:

MYTH 1 - Coaching is remedial, only for losers struggling to manage their lives and careers and who don't seem to have a handle on things

MYTH 2 - Coaching is for the lonely who don't have anyone to trust or confide in

MYTH 3 - Coaching is expensive

MYTH 4 - Coaching is like going into therapy or for counseling

MYTH 5 - Coaching requires a lot of time commitment

Oh boy! Talk about stereotyping!

So what’s the truth? What is coaching and how does a coach help?

Coaching is like a magnifying glass. Your eyes still do the reading, but the glass helps enlarge the fine prints and see it louder, clearer, and help you make sense of what is written. Just like that, coaching is a partnership where the clients drive the efforts and focus, with the coach acting as a magnifying glass, helping the clients uncover the otherwise hidden finer pearls of wisdom which lie deep within all of us.

Coaching, as we think about it at Tickle Your Mind is a transformational experience that allows you to unlock your inner wisdom to gain clarity and confidence that will in turn help you conquer your challenges. We find it interesting that folks are ready to pay others for their guidance, advice, or counseling, but don’t think it's worth their while to dip into their own treasure of untapped knowledge and powerful insights! Agreed that you seek external assistance when you feel it is beyond you to help yourself or think of any solutions yourself. However, unless it’s emotional baggage from the past that needs therapy or counseling, why not give yourself a chance through coaching?

Bad experiences or failures don’t make anyone a loser. It is your ability to extract the right learnings and understandings that can change everything for you. And for that, you don’t need anyone else but a coach to help you remove the noise in your mind and body, and discover the real powerful insights that will not only empower you but enable you to take the action which is right for you.

So is coaching for all of us?

Classic answer, it depends! Where are you in your life and state of mind?

At Tickle your Mind, we have seen an interesting mix of people who are ready for coaching.

It is for the creative, the motivated, the driven, who are very self aware and hold a desire to keep improving themselves to the next level of their perfection and performance. That is not to say, these individuals are not stretched, or overwhelmed, or exhausted with trying to give their best in every part of their lives, personal or professional.

It is for people with high emotional intelligence, who can better read the non-verbal communications, understand the significance, and are looking to use their strength to further enhance their abilities and become the next better versions of themselves.

It is for people who are very courageous and have the fortitude to accept reality for what it is and apply the surprising insights and unexpected knowledge, no matter how hard the decisions could mean for them.

It is for those who wish to attain nirvana, in other words, finding the work-life balance and existing in peace and contentment.

It is for those who desperately want to change their current lives, to take hold of matters in their hands and make those transformations that will sling-shot them into the new realm of desired space and life.

In short, coaching is for those who come with open minds and curiosity to explore as much inwards as outwards, marching towards their vision and making it a reality. It is not for those who say “ someday I will…” is for those who are ready to say “ Today, I will…”

If you feel you are ready, then give me a call or email me, and let your transformation journey begin. Remember, you have to drive it.

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