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Does it happen to you?

Do you often have these internal narratives of “ IF” and “When” running automatically in your mind that you don't even realize what you are doing? It used to happen to me so often until I did something about it!

So, for a quick, insightful discovery, can I invite you to play a short “IF-When” game with me?

Please take a moment to pause and complete the following sentences.

  • If only I could

  • If only I had

  • If only there was

  • When I get my next promotion

  • When I finally own a house

  • When my daughter (insert whatever relations work for you ) turns 16 (insert whatever age works for you)

As you step back to review your responses:

  • What do you observe in them?

  • Are your wishes oriented in the present? The future? The past?

  • How important are those things to you?

  • What assumptions are playing in the background that made you complete the sentences the way you did?

  • What is true for you today?

  • What will these things bring to you that you don’t already have in life?

  • What are you missing out on because these things are not yet in place for you?

Often we find ourselves stuck in time and desires that are long expired. While we are conscious of viewing the expiration date on all we eat and responsibly dispose of the expired stuff to not harm our bodies, we rarely do an inventory check on what exists in our minds and if the thoughts are past expiration!

If you are someone:

  • Looking to get over the IF-When conundrum

  • Seeking a deeper understanding and awareness of self

  • Looking to clean up your internal inventory to get to a better head space

  • Seeking peaceful mental-emotional balance

Reach out to Tickle Your Mind.

Our mission is to keep the torch of hope alive by helping leaders find wise insights from within themselves and empowering them to drive their lives in the desired direction.

Your Life, Your Terms.

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