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We are creatures of habits. The daily schedules and planners filled with what we have to do, when. Life is organized as best as we can manage and we try to adhere to it. Our jobs, physical exercise, family time, socializing, home chores ranging from cooking to laundry to dishes, yatty yatty...list goes on.

And yet amidst all our schedules and plans, life has a sneaky way to intertwine its lessons. Latest lesson we all got: COVID19 101. Suddenly, irrevocably, it entered our lives and all of us were given a universal education, a learning and growing up everyone needed to do simultaneously.

What are the lessons? Let’s see:

  1. We got to realize how we react as a society, as families, as individuals when hit by a pandemic

  2. We learned how to tackle our fears and unknowns

  3. We learned how we feel while locked in our own homes

  4. We learned how the rooms in our homes could be turned into offices, classrooms or play areas

  5. We learned how fun it is to go grocery shopping now than we ever thought of before!

  6. We discovered the creativity in the kitchen we had not tapped into until now, be it in the form of baking or cooking dishes untried before.

  7. We discovered the power of online video calls

  8. We realize the importance of key people in your lives who we really miss seeing

  9. We learned how the world is deeply connected despite the geography borders and maps in place

  10. We learned how humankind can figuratively join hands (can’t join hands now) to help and support one another when faced with the same adversary

  11. We discovered how to bring the pandemic under control and how to now slowly test waters by opening the world strategically and slowly

  12. We invented new solutions to address the challenges faced, be it making masks at home or creatively organizing a system to drop off food for the seniors and elderly

  13. We learned new alternative ways of doing things than we did before

  14. We learned to co-exist with attitudes, perspectives and approaches different than our own

  15. We adapted, we evolved, we reached another level of maturity and realizations!

All this we did, and guess what? It's “Life”, our invisible teacher who came in quietly, threw at us these practical hands-on lessons, and then sat back to watch us deal with it.

You might have known, you might not have realized, but these are the moments in life where we are being taught and groomed for the next level of challenges, increased maturity and expanding our capacity to deal with much more than we ever had on our plates! There is a lot more hidden in all of us, we just haven’t tapped into it all yet!

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